Thursday, 10 May 2012

Class for the 20th May

 Debby (thats me) has been asked to teach how to make this ribbon roll mini book that Nikki and Myself used a lot for special events and gifts.
The pictures are the mini book gift I made to celebrate my Sister Ruby Anniversary.
This book makes a great gift or just to record an event that a standard layout doesn't have the space to show.
There's no hinges or chipboard to buy its made with;
3 12by 12 sheets of patterned paper for the pages
1 12 by 12 sheet that you cut out a rectangle of 10cm by 15cm the rest can be used to help decorate
1 12 by 12 card stock to make the inserts in the pocket but you can stick down the pockets and not have   the extra pages.
A piece of ribbon to about 12 inches to 15 inches long to secure the book.
You may need another patterned sheet to help decorate.

If like me you buy a collection of papers you always get ones you don't like much I use these to make the book with a possible nice one for the front. By the time you glue in your pictures and decorate you can hardly see the ones underneath.

Here's some links to show others events I've used them for.

Becky and Carls Engagement Book for my SIL

Adams 18th Birthday again for my SIL

Jill's Brag Book a gift to another SIL

A few pics of a Wedding one I gave to yet another SIL

The original one I did for UKS cyber crop

I shall be bringing Alex's Bad Taste Party one to see in real life but there are really some bad taste photos so if you think you could be offended please don't look!

Monday, 12 March 2012

The House

Here's Sheila's original, you can decorate it how much you want.

Don't think everyone realised how long this was going to take but Jane e-mailed her finished house. Isn't is fabulous.

There was plenty of other layouts being created too.

Busy Hands

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sketch Challenge

 Didn't have tha many entries for the sketch challenge but the ones we did have were fabulous.

 The fab double layout below from Rachel was the favourite and out winner of our Sketch Challenge.

Work in Progress

 Everyone, well almost everyone was busy working.

 You can see everyone deep in their concentration creating masterpieces.

Messy Desks

Someone wasn't happy with the messiest desk award last month, so she took a photo of  her clean desk.
Looking at the other photos of desk only proves that you can't beat last months messy desk so as yet Doreen still holds that award.