Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Newest Scrapbuddy

We welcome the latest Scrapbuddie.

Here's Mum have a well earned rest and chatting with Sheila.

Doreen's LO

A beautiful vintage layout from Doreen.

Next Crop

You're going to have your work cut out making these two.

Envie Mini Book

So for November it was Mini Envie books.

As you can see we are all busy doing er chatting

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

October Crop

 Here we all are most of us were making Nikki's Mini book, but there were still some of us scrapbooking.

 Here's Nikki explaining how to make the front cover.

Here she is again making sure we all arrive at each part of the mini book at the same time.


While we were busy crafting, we were rudely interrupted by a couple of non- crafters.
 But we let them off since they were carrying a couple of bottles of Cava.
 The occasion was Birthday
 This is the envelope book we will be making. Fairy Karen is teaching it.
Sorry I haven't had time to decorate it but I was going to make another and just use this one as an example.
But you will need.
1 Sheet of 12 by 12 card stock but since we don't know how big the envelopes are bring another piece or one in a contrasting colour.
I Sheet of pattern paper.
I metre of Ribbon but this is for the closure and for the tags.
I've used a brad but you could use all sorts embellishments.
Karen is supplying the envelopes.
This tag book is ideal for a brag book or a gift to give someone and even to put on a scrapbook page for extra photos.

Rachel's Layouts

 We are lucky to have some talented scrapbookers with us and one of them is Rachel.

 I couldn't bear seeing these gorgeous layouts taken out of their protective covers even though it does take better photos but they are so loved by their owner I would hate for anything to happen to them. But you can still how remarkable they are even in their covers.

Jane's Layouts

 Also we have Jane, the first layout is a finish class from Fairy Karen

love the colours Jane.
I can't remember who made this gorgeous page which is why I'm going to load the pics on the blog soon after the crop. I would love to able to say who it belongs too so e-mail me at so I can praise the right person.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sorry for the blurring photos folks, I was suffering from severe jetlag and coming down with man flu (a cold). It didn't help being forced to scrapbook by my evil sister who only did one layout to my two!
People ask me what do you do at a crop. Well here is Rachel and Ezzie actually scrapbooking but you can do any crafty hobby if you like.
Plenty of time for catching up with the latest gossip

Exteme giggly which is why our crop room is near the ladies.

There's always a cuppa on the go to help with creative flow.
This was the class this month, this layout belongs to Pat.

And this one belongs to Sue.
Here's a finished layout from Jane from an earlier class from FairyKaren

And a nearly finished one by Doreen.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The same but different

Some of the layouts of FairyKarens class remember ladies I would love to photo any completed layouts not just from the classes but if you make a layout your really proud I would be honoured to photo it and blog it on our blog.

A layout from Doreen.

FairyKaren complaining that I'm not taking pictures of her good side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are some of Scrapbookers working hard.

Looks like I'm in trouble again for taking random pics.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

We're Back

So I hope you're all refreshed after our two month break and now ready for cropping again so don't forget 15th August is the date for the next crop.
Here is a couple of fab layouts from May's Crop by Rachel, isn't this one gorgeous.

And this one adorable.

All photos taken by Doreen my sister but I'm not going to remark that they should have been taken with the camera over the top of the layouts so that they actually look square cos apparently I'm always moaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the fab butterflies on this beautiful layout, I have to apologise for not knowing who created it.
Congratulations to Ezzie on the birth of her son